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FEED MY FISH,courtesy Adam Bowman.

We are cosmic gems, albeit shattered wrecks.  But God is fixing us, if we let Him.  I think that makes us pretty valuable, don't you think?
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The Latest...
I illustrated a Kindle book,

The Lovely Grounded Faeriez.

kindle book

For You Whovians...
here is Noblewreck written in Loren Sherman's Gallifreyan.

a picture of Noblewreck in Circular Gallifreyan

My illustration for the cover of my children's book

Warning: This book is not for the faint of tongue. You're likely to get Tongue-Tripped-tangled. Good Luck. more

Welcome to the DIGITAL ART and ARTISAN CREATIONS of Noblewreck. "Beauty beyond the ashes."

Check out my Youtube video's! Click here.

Esperanza at Dusk by Noblewreck on deviantART
Good Morning Fairy by Noblewreck on DeviantArt
Pixie Soldier by Noblewreck on deviantART
Glimmer of Hope by Noblewreck on deviantART

Drawing of SailorDove

Drawing entitled Winter Tears

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