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E-mail:  Noblewreck@aol.com


Noblewreck loves to create.
On the Job training gave Noblewreck skills with Computer programs (especially CorelDraw programs)
Professionally he created w
eb graphics and screen-printing art/separations for one employer
and t-shirt designs/separations for another. He screen-printed too, for both.
In his Spare time (when he's not decorating cakes for a local bakery)
he likes to mod Minecraft, GIMP illustrations, and draw manga/comic book art
Oh, and he wrote a children's book, Published for the Kindle in February 2013  -- "Ruth Lost Her Tooth".

Vector art programs, such as InkScape, 
CorelDRAW and
photo editing programs like 
GIMP, Corel Photo Paint are his forte'.
Today he uses programs like these to evolve his gray-scale hand-drawn art, into colorful eye-candy!

Inking sample; Painted in GIMP by Mr. Noblewreck Cover of my children's book Jennie's Artifact
Voice on the phone Comic book intro splash page Armageddon: comic cover concept art
Winter Tears Renae loves monsters The lovely SailorDove
Based in Leland, NC.     © Noblewreck 2014

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