What is the wreck up to now!

The Lovely Grounded FaerieZ

Noblewreck has illustrated the pilot story The Lovely Grounded FaerieZ. Click here to check it out. Chocolaty Locket continues the saga on Wattpad. It's free to read. Leave comments that may influence the first full novel. Be charmed by faeries turned heros.

What is the latest Shapeways creation by Noblewreck?

Experanza; Ball Jointed Doll

Esperanza means Hope. This 3D printed doll has what Noblewreck calls "peanuts" for joints. This is his engineering of a BJD.

We are all wrecks in Shattered Eden. The noble ones are the ones that let Heaven fix them. Beauty from the ashes.


Digital paintings and drawings, Sculptures both digital and by hand, the quest for creativity.